Cambridge Worldwide Academy

ministryCambridge Worldwide Academy supports government officials, investors in education, owners and managers of education institutions to implement British education systems in their home country. CWA offers both bespoke services and turnkey solutions to promote access to the best of British education worldwide. As your partner in transnational education, CWA takes British education to you and creates access to the best of international qualifications in your country. CWA assists individuals worldwide who are unable to study in the UK due to financial, cultural or disability reasons to receive British education in their home country.

Whether you are an individual keen to improve education standards in your local community, an investor in international schools, a stakeholder in an education institution wishing to introduce international qualifications or a government official engaged in education reform, CWA can support you to import and successfully implement British education systems and qualifications or develop systems that respond to specific needs of your people, local economy, community and cultural background.

CWA has transformed the lives of thousands of people in Europe, the Middle East, Far East, North Africa and Asia through making British education, skills for employment and enterprise accessible and affordable abroad. With the support of CWA, 300 education institutions and international programmes were set up worldwide. These education institutions provided a much needed response to local demand for corporate social responsibility, elimination of gender gaps and the empowerment of young people. Girls and women in the Middle East, North Africa and India were amongst the largest beneficiary group of the education and employment opportunities created by CWA.